my cousin's wedding...

it's that age that all my baby cousins are getting married! it's so incredibly cute and sweet to see them all grown up. very little of how they were as kiddies... and unfortunately, our family is spread around the world so when we do get to see them, its incredibly precious!

i attended the wedding solo initially but when a seat opened up, my aunt told me to call D who was baby-sitting to suit up! and they both arrived 20 mins later. not too bad!! :) 

B was wearing a summer suit but it was too warm to keep it on! and behind him is all the DIY the sister of the bride made. Let me rave about her a little! I thought everything was booked from the venue and was impressed because i thought the venue (on Mt Faber) must have pulled up their socks!! but they were all conceptualized and worked on by her with a rather modest budget! 

She did fantastic with a tale to tell! Those wood stumps, used for propping centerpieces are chopped from their yard. and after the wedding, she'd organized people to come pick up their decor, selling it to them second-hand! SO SO amazing!!! i wished i bought a few of those stumps!! such a cute story!

us and the ladies in our family!

and being our first wedding with B in tow, we were quick shocked. absolutely no fuss and we didn't even have to whisk out technology! so brilliant. we'd told him that we would not be bringing him on walks (because it was too warm) so he walked around after lunch hunting down unsuspecting guests who looked like they would take him and off he went! :)

happy engagement and ROM , kai and qian! :) we can't wait to celebrate your wedding with you!! 


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