hello again, london!!

we didn't want to rush into UK, have a massive wedding weekend and be jetlagged at the same time. so we agreed to fly in the week before, and hang around town while D worked. so there were days we hung out just blake and me!! 

reminded me a little of him as a baby where we'd walk around finding a bit of fun in the pockets in between his naps. and while he napped, i would feel like a champion and hurriedly dash into a mall to shop or browse make up counters. and any purchase was always justified because... hardship. 

haha. i know! my life is tough! lol 

my little buddy! love that the weather justified a little bit of dressing up!! 

recently choked when i saw this quote on instagram "that moment when your kids look like fashion models and we look like the walking dead extras. #parentlife". totally me during the trip! especially on days where it was just me and blakie!

like baby backpack = my bag! stroller = extra change of clothes for B. and me... in my one and only utility bomber jacket. lippie in pocket (but not a nice type cos B likes to nick some when im using..), cards in left pocket, phone in right pocket in my mom jeans. and oh! flat shoes. hahah and i wonder why i don't have many pictures of myself. 

found a little fun corner in the monocle cafe which was pretty but hardly the best coffee we've had. but c'est la vie! we didn't want to trek across town for coffee! 

oh and yep! emergency crazed dude had the best time! there was always some siren going on! his current aspiration is to be a fire fighter!! 

we talked about what he needed to study in university to do that. and so far we've concluded that he'd need an engineering degree (learn about buildings), medicine (learn about first aid) and physical ed (learn about how to swing down poles). also by then, hopefully, he'd have realized how much money we'd have to spend on his triple degree that he might choose a better different career option. 

i mean if you can swing down poles, may as well be a stripper. might earn more than a fireman right? 


just a joke! :) hahahah...


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