hello again, paris...

ah paris.. always has a way of sneaking into our itinerary! how do you turn down the allure of paris! especially when our dream daughter is there!? lol

i kid you not. D is always planning to run off with her. in fact, for most of the trip, he had luli in his arms. and honestly, we're both not big on holding kids. even our own!! for most of b's childhood, he's sat in his stroller or in his own seat and hardly cuddled in our embrace. but whole of paris, child in D's arm. and i don't blame him! :) 

it was a short stop over and we chose a beautiful apartment (from airbnb!) around the corner from the sautarels which turned out to be a brilliant location! on the edge of major gardens, coffee, cute little bistros and markets! and great restaurants (like "sharon's canteen") which didn't require hoity toity reservations and welcomed our kids with open arms as long as we didn't mind them in regular chairs. 

and the highlight of the trip... disneyland! where B changed his tune about being a princess. 
(secret mommy win!)

his conclusion was.... too hard to walk, he can't climb around freely AND the long hair is scratchy. well then, child. you better appreciate the ladies around you with beautiful dresses, heels and long hair!! he kept it on long enough to meet the princesses (1h45m wait!!!) and then stayed in his regular boy clothes for the rest of the day! WIN! 

and we stayed almost till the end which was unexpected but the troopers lasted till the end and had such a fabulous sleep-in! such a spectacular day for us all!! 

can't wait to do it again with our chi-chi parisien pals! can't believe they used to be so close to us!! 


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