hello long lost friend

its been a while, hasn't it! i cant even remember what i wrote about in the past that filled so many entries!!

but here's what we've been up to ::

one - keeping up with work! started a peaceful year but both our work picked up and we've just been baring surviving! its great when work is going well and you start feeling like your contribution makes a difference. but on the other hand, it makes time and days fly by so fast!!

two - got back from a massive trip to europe to celebrate song's wedding. such a brilliant time with family mixed with a little bit of adventure. i'll share pictures soon!

three - bubs been settling into his new school and routine nicely. we are very proud of the little person he's become! wished i were more diligent in keeping up with little quirks and funny things he says.

here's one from the natural history museum in london. he loved it!

happy july 4th to our family and friends in USA. we miss you loads! maybe see you later this year, ok? 


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