national history museum in london!

a massive thank you to kerry, queen of great things to do in london! :) her recommendations are always spot on and whenever i complain that "but... do i really want to sit through a nice meal with blake"? she reminds me that she has two and she makes it work. so i man up and do it.

anyway, thank you, kerry! 

braving the national history museum on a weekend, check! 

we were initially apprehensive cos i'd prefer to spend weekends (especially when D is free to hang out) in a more chilled out environment. cafes, parks... away from kids. but we thought to give it a go. so tip #1. go early. the lines are long even prior to opening. so be in the first round of guests to enter. its beautifully quiet and serene and nothing like the children museum vibe. its stunning and charming. and we had as much fun as blake did. 

in fairness, he is also at the right age to ask questions. and was a lot more engaged in the exhibits than we'd imagined. he loved the dinosaurs (of course...) and the natural disaster zones (especially tsunamis). and the insects too (cos school had just covered the topic of predatory insects!) and wouldn't let us pass any section. we had to read everything for him, answer tough questions (still not sure i know the right answers) and touch everything. 

made me realize that we needed to know so much more than we do! 
science is not my thing, really. i just wanted to hit up the gift shop but buy a globe. 

i guess we'll have to do more of these, huh bubba!? :)
you're such a geek.


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