next stop on the adventure train ... Amsterdam!

if it were up to bubbie, we would be spending another week in Copenhagen but can't keep dwelling in old favorites, can we? so we hopped on a train from Paris and hit up Amsterdam which was such a lovely city! 

by this stage, our wardrobe is looking a little random!! but this was us at their markets hunting down some proffertjes! best snack ever!! 

all this european food left me feeling a little like this chubby friend of blake's!

Amsterdam was chilled and child friendly, not unlike the rest of the european cities we've been to! The shopping was great on the home front but i didn't manage to score many clothing/fashion pieces! I guess at that stage of our travels, we've already been to london and paris and pretty much filled out bags!

we loved how accessible the entire city was via our little bicycles! somehow if a trip involved wheels, it makes everyone happy! we didn't go with a box bike this time as we had quite a fair bit of distance to travel and poor D always does the heavy lifting when it comes to cycling. but the bike paths were awesome and definitely tourist friendly! 

we were told by my lovely co-worker that amstelpark was a must for little boys! hah! there was no way we were leaving the park without a ride on this train! :) 

can't wait for next year's summer vacation! wonder where we would be!! maybe its time to do a bit more of asia? or the america? woolessee!! :) 


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