out and about - oxford

we especially enjoyed running around oxford with family!

here's the bride with her hands full!! so nice that the kiddos got along together beautifully and blake, as always, was keen to hang out with his new friends!

and tonnes of large spaces for them to run around! 

he was majorly enamored by Nora's niece Mairead! whatever she was doing, he wanted to follow!! consider that fair warning, that's the kind of dude he will become when he starts properly dating! 

the wedding couple arranged for everyone to go punting! which was good fun (considering i didn't have to do much work!)

beautiful day to be out having a breath of fresh air. we punted down the river to a pub, thought to grab food but realized that they had a massive wait so we headed back to town! thankfully the sun sets late in summer so we had more time to sort dinner out!

cosying up to Tom! blake was in good hands all weekend! 

bumping into the groom on wedding morning!! too much cheekiness in this shot! 


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