oxford natural history museum

since the natural history museum was such a hit in london, we thought to check out the one in oxford! i was smaller but the perfect for blake to run around and explore!

they had a bee exhibition at that time and it was perfect because he was curious about the insects and climbed everywhere admiring the bees buzzing around in their bees nest (even thought it creeps me out A LOT). 

if we lived in the UK, i can totally see spending a lot of time in the museum! such an easy way to spend the morning!

after we came home, he started reading up on dinosaurs and now wants to know who everyone is. yikes! mom's life the real deal! i only knew three but now, my dino-cabulary has expanded exponentially. 

maybe one day, bubs! :) 

and he wanted to take a picture in front of this pink house he loved....

"one day i will buy this house and you can come live with me".

ok child, i'll hold you to it!! haha!

i loved exploring oxford this time around! maybe because im at a different stage in my life and i feel differently about most things! definitely enjoyed it a lot more than the past few visit where oxford was only a little town my brother lived in!! 

wished we had more time in oxford but after the wedding, we headed off on a train to paris! till the next time, UK! :) I'm sure we will meet again!


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