two years....

the weirdest thing happened over breakfast! we were on a morning prata date (thank you mom!) and felt really nice that we were finding new things around the hood even after so long. then excitedly told D "we've been in this house for about two years huh!"

then came the usual scramble for dates (we are terrible with dates and anniversaries...) and i traced an old email from me to the management office informing them that we were moving in on the 23 JULY 2014!!! exactly this day, two years ago!!!

my lord! how's that for intuition!! 

but two years in our favorite apartment to date! ticks all the boxes that we love and the longest we've been in any place together!! and our first combined home. we still love the apartment, the view, the breeze and everyday spent in here feels like eternal vacation!!! 

we know we might out grow this place soon but till then, it will always have a special spot in our hearts!

celebration all day for the second birthday of our little home!!


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