wedding shenanigans...

once we got to oxford, it was FULL ON FAMILY time. everyone had arrived. everyone wanted a little bit of time. and all we wanted to do is stick together. hahah!!

but i tell you, that little guy on the right had the most fun. he wanted to be stuck to his new pals every minute of the day. so we hardly saw him! hahahaha... best case scenario!

at wedding rehearsal! went great! 

bunny boo basking in all that attention.

my folks at their son's wedding. i think we'd be as proud too when its B's turn! 

gorgeous venue for a wedding!

i mean... look at that! serious wedding venue envy! 

it also struck me that weddings are the only time everyone gets together. especially for weddings across continents and with everyone living across the globe, i feel that its even more rare and more precious that you have everyone hanging out together. we were there cos we really wanted to be and im sure the wedding couple felt how enthusiastic everyone was as well. 

every event they planned was bursting with familiar faces with equivalent enthusiasm! so much love going around! weddings are such a blessing to have and such a great opportunity to unite families. 

i think i might have teared up a few too many times that weekend haha! my brother is growing up! 


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