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a couple months ago, blake's best friend asked if he would like to be in a photoshoot with her for a local children magazine - young parents! and since we've not done it before, we thought why not?

we skipped school that morning! and rocked up bright and early for hair and make up! 

bubba during the shoot! it really wasn't that dramatic! but tonnes of people asking him to look here, do that, dont do that...which pretty sums up his everyday anyway! 

it was quite fun and especially so cos we have our friends with us so we had a good laugh! and each time the photographer said "ok! we got it!" us moms would think "really? which one?" haha! i guess we have super high expectations...

of our super models - NOT! 

they were such silly billies im 100% sure they'd have to just stick to regular careers! 

but we were keen to introduce the concept of work. and money to him so for the FIRST TIME IN HIS LIFE... brought him to toys r us after to pick out a present for himself (with a budget.. so eventually this robot didn't make the cut! lol). he was hilarious! he compared and walked around and touched everything and i reckon had more fun choosing than the toy itself. and eventually settled for 4 mini transformers strategically placed at the check out counter! and was SO pleased with himself.

till now, he talks about "going for a photoshoot. then to toy store for a treat." so i guess that kinda worked out! 

hope you had fun, bubba! we'll be saving the magazine for when you're older! maybe you'll have a good laugh about it too!

p.s. its september 2016 edition of young parents!


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