the bird who was afraid of heights - play

we've been loving the bird who was afraid of heights book that shaun gave blake at birth! :) and when we found out that it was going to be made into a play at the esplanade theatre... of course we had to go!

it started out as a joke that we should go as clouds. then the group chat got quiet when we asked "so who is going to make costumes" and of course i was itching to give it a go! so i set myself an hour each costume and hot-glued everything together! this was my favorite piece made for luc! 

but shaun wore it instead! lol so befitting of the theme and we were so excited to wear them at the play! blake also asked to bring his bang bang copenhagen penguin sweater which ended up looking a lot like the crow costume! he was rather pleased with that decision

since it was staged in singapore by singaporeans, they had a little local twist like the hole that matt the rat hid in... it was replaced with a longkang with signature green fencing. i've never realized that its a signature singapore design until now! its interesting how you don't notice the small details in life! 

but yep, those two munchkins were totally exploring the set after the play!

after the play we were hoping to catch a group shot but the boys were running in all directions, sweaty and in various stage of undress! so we had to settle with a selfie instead! (deaf had gone ahead to put on her mafan shoe so she was missing from this picture!)

had a sweaty runaround (notice the theme in most of our activities.. always running and ALWAYS sweaty) at dinner with our pals and then with a promise of icecream, we walked along the river all the way home! 

such an easy way to spend the weekend and so so proud of what you've done, shaun! 

can't wait for your next book!


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