work.. mixed with a little bit of fun!

work's been busy for a while. tradeshows, sales leads, maintaining social media and playing salesgirl at baby fairs... and while i remind myself that my real work is at home with the boys, it doesn't stop me from going all out (just my personality) for work. 

so i find myself frequently trying to juggle work, workout, friends and of course being able to care and provide for the family. it's not easy but i get a lot of satisfaction at the end of the day when i manage to tick all those boxes!

recently, we've been working on a project at work (top secret at the moment) that involves this cutie! and i must admit i was having a pretty mad day running low on fuel but to be able to run around with him at a playground (and the men had beers) and hang with his family and call that work? that was the icing on the cake. 

i don't know my future holds workwise but for now, im at a happy place! and that's a lot to be grateful for! 


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