yasmin is 4!!

when blake was little we used to hang around marina bay loads and had a bunch of pals that had babies too! we still keep in touch with some of them! they're hilarious and give a fresh perspective to the regular parents we meet in the street! i love them for that! their quirkiness, our rants and most of all their company! 

we attended yasmin's frozen theme party and was glad we arrived earlier so we could help out with the DIY decor! :) and blake got tramp-stamped!

star of the show! it was hilarious! asian elsa but blake was enamoured as you can tell!

ok its official i have friends that look like me! :) ;) 

can't wait for our next USS adventure or trampoline park date! 

p.s. what are your thoughts on parties? ive never thrown one for blake (outside of the basic school celebrations)!! not sure i fancy them much!


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