hello! how has life been??

isn't it funny how we start off in life imagining things to go one way and then they go in an entire other direction? i always imagine (well firstly, a girl) us to be parents to a little munchkin who appreciates our quirky sense of humor! not too intelligent, not too good looking, not always the most well behaved but a cheeky sense of humor and street-smartness to see him/us through life! 

can i just say... this guy is really something else!! we are so proud of how he's turned out and can take no credit!! 

in this picture, i got dressed (first) in stripes. then daniel too (in fairness he doesnt have that many outfits.) and then blake comes running out! and before any of us could say anything blake yells "I WORE IT FIRST!!!" hahaha! :)

silly bills! 


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