our little sport jock!

since it will be a while till B can read, can i confess on my blog that i really dislike taking B to sport class? i mean we are close enough, right? 

let me explain why.... it's always so warm in singapore and quite a hike to get to! and the mozzies love me! and because there isn't anywhere i can go to during the 1 hour class, i sit court-side BAKING and trying to do work on my phone. really inefficient use of my time, if you ask me. also, we seem to have the worst luck with weather this year end!! class keeps getting cancelled or we sit in the rain waiting for it to stop.


he loves it. and even though all his friends have quit (due to school commitments), he still wants to stick to it. so i decided to mix things up a little. instead of pure soccer, he will attend their multi sport session which includes tennis and rugby!! maybe that'll keep things interesting for a while! 

okay.. scratch that. maybe sport/soccer class aint that bad! look at how happy and sweaty he is! what a high-achiever (in stamps) he is!! 

alright. might stick to it for a while more.... 


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