an afternoon at the national gallery

i got a rare afternoon off with song to explore the national gallery. 

when your sibling doesn't live in the same country, these little nuggets of time become very few and far between. and very precious. a couple weeks ago, sparked by something in my life, i sent song a message to say i missed him and come home now. 

hah! very reactive and spoilt bratty of me. 

but he did. 

and i will always be grateful that i have a brother in him. so unassuming, so wise and such a different voice of reason in my life. i truly wished we were way closer in proximity. because he's the sort of person i wouldn't mind lounging on my couch all weekend on. 

(and he's also the sort of person that would.)

we rounded the afternoon with a massive meal and swung by to pick blake up early from school. he didn't want to do anything spectacular or touristy. just everyday things that spoil the people around him. 

please keep this kid safe! he spends so much time making sure everyone else around him is safe and well taken care of. but my brothers are truly the best gifts my parents gave to me! :) 

till we meet again, didi!


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