big birthday surprise - tadah!!!

we've been hiding this trip from his for ages! initially planned to go to tokyo with his bestie, colette and her brother ethan, for a bit of disney action, ramen and all that japanese goodness.... but later got lazy and thought perhaps bali would be easier with so many kids! 

so we planned and kept him in the dark! so many people knew and were asking. especially during his birthday party at my mom's place, everyone was bursting to let him know! good thing he was a little clueless and too excited to be surrounded by his favorite aunts and uncles to pay attention to what they were hinting at. 

the best part was driving to the airport! when his eyes lit up and went "i think so.. i think we're going to the AIRPORT!! i think so... i think we are going on a vacation!!!!" my gosh! i live for that gleeful smile!! 

and bonus when we got to the airport and saw his best friend! and they shrieked at each other and started hugging the bejesus outta each other! so much fun!!!

we arrived in the evening so didn't get to explore the villa. but imagine his excitement each morning staring at the pool and wondering when to jump in! we have one too many videos of him running from bed to pool. DIRECT!! 

we didn't know when we booked but we were in bali right smack in the middle of international school holiday, which explained why most of the villas we were keen to stay in were booked out way in advance. but managed to find home in the layar villas. 

the place was lovely and rooms were great! but they had little features like irregular shaped stairs and odd corners and under ventilated living room area that hinted that they weren't the most kid friendly villa. but we made do and the kiddies were just happy to be with each other. they spent so much time in the pool we weren't sure we were ever going to be able to pry them away from the villa!!

and now i have B asking what his fifth birthday surprise is! no sirreee, don't get any ideas! i don't know that we would be able to top that surprise ever!! 

p.s. i wished we were organized enough to order a cake for them two so we have some pictures to show them where they celebrated their fourth, surrounded by everyone they loved!! :) 


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