deepavali dress up - tank road!

how could i have forgotten this one!! their school pulled a deepavali school celebration on us last minute and we managed to beg, borrow and shop at little india (in lexi's case) for ALL of this!! and just to over do things a little, S also organized for the kids to get toegether to get their henna done. 

B got a transformer logo and a glitter heart on the other hand. very unauthentic but made him so happy!

probably one of my favorites!! look how cheeky they were!

and fastest! i think they're getting used to being in front of the camera! 

half hour and shipped them off to school in their indian costumes just in time to celebrate deepavali!

lexi's grandma also cheekily said if they were to get married one day, they wouldn't need wedding shoots anymore!! hilarious! i hope they're having as much fun as we are dressing them up! 


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