four little candles on the cake
somehow doesn't feel so little after all. 

we have been resisting birthday parties since forever! but you had ideas of your own and have been inviting friend to your "amazing party" in school themed in your recent obsession - transformer. we couldn't disappoint so did a little do with your school friend, my love! more pictures of that in a separate post! 

but four has been magical! 

here's a few things about you, my love! 

one - you're such darling! even though you're a little dude, you are one of the most sensitive souls i know (just like your papa!) even thought you burst through the day without a pause button (like your mama!), at the end of the day, you have pockets of calm where you ponder on things through the day, things you've heard us discuss and things you worry about. sometimes we talk you through complex emotions you feel for characters in stories. friends that were teased in class, worldly events that even as adult we can't make sense of. i like that about you. i like our time together figuring it out. i like these moments. a lot. 

two - you love your food. you are the funniest foodie! though picky at times (no veggies!), but when it comes to something you love, you eat so much and so quickly its hard to explain why you're still such a skinny little stickman!

three - loyalty. you are always quick to point out an unjust situation. you feel it very personally. and if you feel like you or your loved one is wronged, you puff up your little chest and get all defensive. when your classmate laughed at auntie sherann's new blue hair, you charged to defend her. such a sweetie! :) 

four - i don't think this will ever change. but we are ever so proud of you! every small step you take, every milestone, everytime you spell your name... and wear your underwear the wrong way....we will always be your biggest fan, bubbieboo!

hope you loved your fourth celebration! we cherish every day we have with you and can't wait to see what is to come!

love you, bubs!


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