happy birthday to the mister!!!

its that one time of the year i look around in our archives for pictures of you, and realized that i've been a terrible photographer!! and we have none!! 

sorry honey!!!

but every point that i lose on poor photography, i make it up by loving you!!

and instead of choosing something exciting, somewhere fancy to eat or a massive birthday gift for yourself, all you want to do is stay home to organize and make our home even better than it is! i don't know how its possible but if that's your birthday wish, then thats where you'll find us today! 

oh my love! you're really the best! no one else in the world comes close in your awesomeness. you're such a hard worker, so meticulous, so organized and never chucks a tanty even when you're tired or frustrated. i don't even know how that's humanly possible. you see the best in everyone and is always patient with the boys. you still believe in frankie and talk to him everytime we go out. i really don't think it works but you score 100 points in patience. i love you and everyday i see our boys (dogs included) with you, im reminded of what an awesome decision i made in life. im so grateful for you and am so lucky to get to keep you around forever!! 

happy birthday, my darling!! you deserve the world! 


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