happy halloween, card soldiers!!!

woah! i feel like a week after halloween is when i can start talking about it again! remember this post? i, somewhat naively, thought that by starting early means i would be done and not panicking last minute. but no. 

last minute galore. raiding craft stores last minute. desperate online purchases (with express shipping). pinterest searching in a nick of time. and my least favorite... spray painting in the dead of the night one day before trick or treating..

seriously, what has become of the previously confident and organized mom!! 

but anyhow, this was their first halloween/children's day celebration outfit! 

i wished i could share the video with you (but it has too may other kiddies and i can't be arsed going around asking for permission from their classmates!). i'll try describe! they were walking into class all smug about their card soldier costume.. only to be greeted by an ENTIRE class dressed up to the nines and hilariously excited! and their teacher, bless her, was queen of hearts in a massive ballgown, full on make up and the works greeting them with "oh my! welcome, my card soldiers" in a regal voice... and throughout the day, we were sent videos of their class going around to other classes (less dressed up) and waving to take pictures! 

what a trip!! 

its one of my pet peeves to have a theme and rock up with nothing! :) so im secretly pleased that his class at least is on board with all that jazz! 

i will also take responsibility for their class reputation for being the most boisterous and loudest! but you can't win them all!! 

there you have it, costume #1. 

also known as when most parents stop, pat themselves on the back and call it a day! (more to come, obviously...)


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