my sweaty boys at sunset...

our evenings are not great! by about 5pm, we would have been at work / running errands all day, exhausted, hungry, typically grumpy (hmm.. maybe that has to change) and we pick B up from school! if he's had a great day, he would be full of beans dying to burst into some action and usually ending in some mischief. and if he's had a bad day in school, he would be filled with dread, apologetic and remorsefully trailing behind me! 

so on D's birthday, we decided to break that routine. against better judgement, we brought the dogs to pick blake up from school (excitement), didn't give him a snack but with promise of an early dinner (excitement!!) and drove to east coast park which is totally out of our routine (more excitement!)

it was exactly what we needed this midweek! a bit of salty air, a bit of roll around in the sand and some space for everyone!! 

bundled all of them wet and sandy into the car and sped back in time for D's tennis session! it was messy, don't get me wrong, the sandy bits that lingered around the house and everywhere for a week!! but it was exactly what i needed to refill the love tank!! 

maybe time to include a little midweek beach adventure into our schedule! 

p.s. i think it did nothing for muu cos 1. he hates walks, 2. hates things out of his routine and 3. HATES water. especially when they keep trying to attack him. poor guy!


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