our littlest :: first baby hike!!

we know we will be making him do a bit of hiking for our christmas vacay! and toying with the idea of not traveling with a stroller (hmmm still on the fence!) so figured it would be best if we can have a realistic gauge of what his capabilities are!

so one saturday morning, we decided to give the macritchie tree top walk a go! we've been together but its his first time!! so started with a lot of apprehension and back up plans in place!! we started a tad bit late (10ish!) and it was starting to feel warm but we hopped over muddy puddles, talked about how to efficiently climb (using a walking stick), how to avoid slippery bits and some basic hiking etiquette! all these things our dads used to teach us patiently! 

im sure he was rolling his eyes at us like we did too!! 

but bit by bit, we made it to the treetop walk! and he loved the challenge!! we also walked past a few families with kids in arms and he (rather judgingly) announced that he won't be needing that (phew! dodged that bullet).
made it out alive and triumphant! we were so focused on making it and without a meltdown. and he LOVED seeing the monkeys! might explore macritchie area again when we are back for more hikes!
but this only means ONE THING!!! 
christmas hikes are a GO!! yay!!!

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