our littlest - transformer roll out party!

from about half a year ago, B started planing his birthday and he kept changing his mind where to do it or who he wanted to invite but one thing stuck... he wanted a robot party!

i kept asking if he was sure! and if we could have a bit of wriggle room.. maybe something more neutral? maybe silver futuristic theme with an appearance of a robot... but no, it had to be themed transformer.

little tubs of popcorn which his classmates loved!!

back drop to cover the cartoon stickers on the wall!! turned out the same colors as his third dr seuss birthday! and i'd used the same crepe paper for his backdrop!!

B's addition to the party, his favorite gem cookie!! 

can i tell you the biggest shame, his best friends, who he really wanted to be at the party couldn't make it. just a day before the party, everyone close to him was down with a stomach flu! like bad!! it was pretty obvious they'd passed it around because just looking at the class list, the ones who hung out together were all ill and away from school!! 

we were in two minds if we should have kept him home and just celebrate with his besties. 3 person party! but in the end, we sent him in and did the party! he was a little flat that afternoon though and the next day, we kept him home just to be safe!

we brought popo (my mom) along because he loved seeing her there! she was the best! she was helping me set up and she hung around until post dinner so he was very excited!

birthday candles on transformer figurines!! and we had a mini cake tasting a few weeks prior and he'd picked the strawberry ones because his bestie, C, loved pink cake! ah well! just have to buy her another day!

he was most thrilled by this massive optimus prime which we purchased as a party prop but doubled up as a robot storage!! also secretly shipped off to mom's after the party so we don't have to deal with large toys! lol WIN WIN!!!! (sorry mom!)

also packed little (non robot) goodie bags for his pals filled with non-food gifts. i always have a massive hide and seek when he comes home with treats so i figured id just get something they could use for a long time to come - these mini cloud placemats. easy to clear and definitely a must have at dining time!! ooo! also got the teachers robot aprons. doubled up as a costume so they look like they were dressed to theme! but i've seen them use them in art and culinary classes recently! so yay!

so glad its done and we had it at school! i don't know how long more we can prolong parties outside of school. just seems like a circus! so we'll just keep avoiding it for as long as we can!!!


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