coming right back to you....

a little bit of our hearts will always be in hawaii. 

somehow even though we both grew up in different continents, our folks all loved hawaii. and introduced us to the island life throughout our childhood. 

and since we got married we've had nothing but beautiful memories in hawaii together too! hiking, exploring beaches and the very long drive we took to our honeymoon resort in maui. hung out with my brothers (1 schooling there, 1 visiting!) and had a fabulous time! 

we've been back once with B in the tummy! so this is his first official trip to hawaii! even though, my brother has pointed out that he looks a little like the locals!! hah!

super excited too because D is running the marathon, one of the ones he's had his eyes on for ages! and then we'll explore a new island with some dear friends! 

its going to be SO MUCH FUN! 
vacation game is on!!!

alooooooha! :)


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