our first kelong visit

when song was back in town, my MIL was also visiting so i thought it was the perfect chance to take everyone out for a bit of adventure! 

we didn't tell B where we were going or who we were meeting. i kinda do that as a habit. in case we rock up somewhere and something is closed. or someone falls ill last minute! its easier to change plans than to manage a disappointed toddler! so all we said was "adventure"!

and he put on his adventure hat!

got to the jetty and call mr tan, who i was liasing with, such a nice guy! he helped with meal selection and gave such detailed instructions!! we hopped onto the boat and drove us away from the jetty! look at their faces! so excited!!! 

sorry nora! didn't know you were keen to try the kelong and missed out! we can go again next time when you're back!! 

when we got there, i was too busy making sure our kid doesn't cheekily go for a dip in the water! but he had a blast. he made friends with the guy that worked there and was busy helping out spotting crabs and catching things. and when the dudes all went on a smoke break, found his on a boat with them (not the best situation) but i guess he had fun being the only baby balancing in the boat! 


the food was yums too! we had so much leftover we felt bad for auntie who spent time cooking!! 

would love to go back again with our friends! definitely one of the more fun family dinners! everyone had a little bit of exploring to do! and no one fell sick! 


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