i love sundays! we get a little bit of break from everyday routine. 

some time to restock the fridge and a load of hug time!! 
(reference to a recent troll movie! hah!) 

 by the time blake tumbles home for a nap, we are all ready to get the week started proper again!! here's us at the beautiful tiann's in tiong bahru! our weekly hang for a coffee away from the TB crowd!

not in picture, but sprawled all over the ground, will be our bags of multi-colored marketing. i don't know how it happens but the market unleashes the madness in me! i am not even particularly great in the kitchen but i conjure up such massively complicated meals! and end up always cooking the same old thing cos im strapped for time! and somehow for a family of 3, we always have SO MANY bags! its definitely a workout and a half! 

worth a mention is my sad hair situation! time to get to the salon for a quick fix before vacation!!


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