the halloween shoot!

if you knew us in person, we wouldn't let a halloween pass without having a go at it. just for the record, we've read a lot of articles on facebook (really the butt of social media. or is social media the butt.. hmm i can't tell) and strong opinions of our own friends sharing why they don't believe in halloween and boycotting anything halloween related.

but to us, halloween is just a dress up opportunity. its for fun. just as santa claus is for fun. nothing more. we had a block party, all the kids came around and trick and treated for candy. it was so much fun and im happy for him to grow up with all that!! 

ok that was a mouthful. 

how do you hate an opportunity to craft a milk carton!? and some choc chip cookie hair bands? 

but THIS costume is even more spectacular!! so much effort and so much fun!! 
well done, R and S!!!

also, we stepped up on photo shoot efforts! notice the backdrop? we actually went into a studio!! *gasp* so professional!!!

our little gremlins picking up confetti after the shoot! kids are so silly! they love the smallest things!!! 

till next year, pumpkin!! 

hopefully you'll still let us make your costumes and shoot after!! 


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