thick as thieves!!

my view everyday as i type away on my computer! 

i love that this year was a non event for these two munchkins. at 7 (44 in human age) and 12 (64!!), i guess less new is better!! 

we just brought the two to the vet for their routine checks and to address some ongoing issues and both of them are great!!

musashi - old. 2.8 kg, his eyes are going so on daily eye drops to slow the process. also, he's moved to TCM (traditional chinese medicine) to remove to dampness from him. its hilarious as i type it cos obviously i do not take it seriously but its herbal, doesn't have any side effects and i guess worth a go! have not seen results just yet but will see!! his limpy legs are healed. also, he's on permanent heart meds to deal with his enlarged heart. he doesn't reject his meds so we are quite pleased! 

frankie - not as old, 2.7kg. is a chilled out dog and the vet suspects that perhaps he didn't get his voice box removed. might just be his personality. he got his first vaccination and will not be needing booster jabs. has really poor teeth but at the same time doesn't bother him when he's eating. might just let him go for a bit and let the teeth drop out! 

medically cleared for the year! stay strong muffins!! we are so in love with you two! can't have anything happen to either of you, ok? 

so 2017, here we come!! 


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