2017 has been a lot of ups and some major downs. 

and something made me think about writing today. ironically its the mother of all busy days with blake away from school, major plans for a fun day out, a massive cull of our home and loads of exciting work updates ahead. but writing calms my monkey brain down so here i am! 

since the last update, we've been away for a few small trips (fun ones!) and a few pregnancy announcements amongst our nearest and dearest! always fun to add to our brood even if not directly. i've had to refer to my blog a few times to look back at my pregnancy or B's milestones. funny how fast you forget. and everything else important has been good. 

but unfortunately, we've lost our precious muu. my love. my first baby. ahh well.. not sure i'd ever be able to talk about it without tearing up but he's in his resting place in tokyo where he belongs. and our hearts will always have a huge gaping hole. and on the health front we had a few scares. a timely reminder to refocus on the important. i've started researching a bit more into alternative medicine to keep things ticking over. 

that's all for now!

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