back in hawaii

shall we rewind a little? back in december (love end year celebrations) when everyone had a little less on their plates and a little more care free, we took a short trip to hawaii. it had been a while since we've been back (babymoon!) and blake's never been!! and we ALWAYS say that we miss hawaii! 

so we booked in a visit to our favorite island!! 

the idea was to test drive hawaii. see if it was child friendly, if it still had the same charm as our childhood and if blake was meant to be a hawaiian boy... 

who were we kidding right? 


because we were a little unsure about it. and cos our last USA trip with blakie led to some jetlaggy 3 am wake up issues, we took it real easy and didn't do anything "new" just some old favorites and one marathon!!

he loved the food there!! somewhat asian, somewhat western, very tasty and so chilled! admittedly, we had a lot of japanese and noodley things because ... raising an asian kid! lol

took him on a few baby hikes - waimea fall hikes was one of our first! it was only a 30 minute walk with a slight incline! in fact, if we were lazy, we couldve rented a buggy to take us up! 

it was quite pretty along the way (in a botanic gardens, trimmed and clean kinda way) and he did great picking up random flowers and sticks! 

and were greeted by this adorable baby fall at the end of the hike!! 

of course he convinced us to jump in for a swim. It was pretty cold and quite far and by the time you got to the falls, it was dramatically loud! so perfect for a first time waterfall trekker!!

bigger ones next time, buddy!! 

i think we were just happy to be back in usa, completed a great marathon and be back on familiar land! oh! helped that he loved switching on telly and there were cartoons all day long!! hah! just the simple things in life!


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