christmas in seoul

since our flight to hawaii was so long, we thought to break it up with a few days in seoul! and when in seoul, of course we have to hang with judy bob!

they were in town earlier in the year with their little girl, gemma. so the kiddos had time to hang out with each other and loved each other's company even though they didn't speak the same language.

we spent a couple days prepping for christmas and going to korean spa, passing it off as a fun activity "for the kids" but we had the most fun ourselves! 

these two pumpkins went to the toy store to pick ONE present for themselves and guess what? they got the SAME TOY!!! isn't that the sweetest? so we have matchy robicar poli and had to deal with them both singing the theme song all morning in different languages! once one was done, the other started!! best fun ever with them two!

judy insisted we went for american breakfast cos it was christmas! :) and its so us to be huddled in a cramped diner eating american food! brings back awesome memories! 

love them all! :) so precious to get to spend time with them over christmas! maybe its time to schedule in a visit to korea! don't want the kids to forget each other! 

which rounds up our travels for 2016!! Can't wait to get on more adventures this year before this pumpkin starts formal school!! 


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