traipsing in kauai

until now if you ask B about hawaii, he will tell you about that day they hiked to the queens BATHROOM! we think its adorable so we don't correct him. but basically, what was so stunningly calm and beautiful (though dangerous) basically looked like...

A BATHROOM to my kid.

must have been quite a mystery to him. he doesn't have any access so social media or internet so how is he meant to know that it usually looks like THIS? anyway, there was no question and no one would be able to jump in for a dip with such crashing waves!

but boy was the hike fun!

it was so muddy we still have stains till today but the kids did great!

survived and so so darn muddy!

guess who we bumped into in kauai!! this had to be the highlight of B's trip! sleepovers with the big korkors and jiejie in their room! he was so proud every morning when he came back to our room announcing that he made it through the night!! and oh the fun they got up to!! 

shaved ice taste test!

we ate so well i think we all piled on a few kilos!!

also, didn't expect it to be so cold in hawaii in winter. i guess we took it for granted that tropical winters are not winters. i always had my sweatshirt with me and hardly got to wear my summer dresses!! hah! next time we'd know better!!!


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