passport picture shenanigans...

my mother in law has this printed in her home! but we set up a make shift photobooth and broke the record for the fastest and most painfree photoshoot ever!! this little guy sure responds to bribes (extra playtime!)

a little nostalgic looking at his little baby face passport filled with stamps around the world. we are so glad we bit the bullet and continuted traipsing around the world. truth is, he will never remember ALL of where he's been in his stroller but as long as he remembers a wee bit... it would have been worth its while. plus, it really wasn't about him, was it? we wanted to go ourselves and refused to let parenthood slow us down!

p.s. interestingly enough, he remembers odd details from the trips taken when he was a baby! small things and sights that we have not captured on film or even remember ourselves. very very interesting to hear! 

onward marching, my little soldier! we're going to explore the world together! you, me and your papa! 


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