whale shark watching - moalboal

chilling out at hale manna while i got a massage! we loved how chilled out the entire place was and had the perfect time wandering around! 

point to note - the food was spectacular! totally worked with our asian taste buds and somehow everything after a long day in the sun was yummy and hit the right spot! and of course the kitchen found out that little blake was a huge fan of fried fish and so we had loads of them! it was fried fish for every meal!! so so awesome! it was like chilling out at your mama's home. 

for the last couple days, we moved to the city, closer to the airport to be closer to town! and on our way out, we paid a visit to the whale sharks! 

the entire practice of whale shark watching at moalboal is a little controversial. there are huge discussions about how it affects the sharks (not independent for food sources) however we also saw the benefits of tourism on the local comunity and in fairness, they didn't touch the shark and TRIED to limit the number of tourists. what you don't see is hundreds of people waiting to get into the water via the rowboats. 

and they line the rowboats, filled with about 10 tourist each right to the edge of the water and the sharks are swimming alongside the boats. so theres guaranteed viewing even for weak swimmers. 

very very excited!

thats the edge of our boat and the sharks come right up close. so when blake was bobbing on the water edge, he saw so many of them and could see details on the shark like the gills and their little pilot fishies along the way. the entire experience is painless and relatively inexpensive. and a 4 year old would otherwise not be able to encounter a whale shark until he could dive. so quite unique and definitely worth the experience. 

also, after cebu, there has been definitely interest in marine life and motivation to improve swimming. and like tita becky said, the young ones don't know what they're protecting if they've not even seen it before. so definitely grateful cebu gave our kiddo an easy introduction to marine life. 


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